With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we at Ironwood Homes are feeling incredibly thankful for all of our
online friends and family. They have supported us as we continue to build houses 🏠 and turn them into homes!
We have loved working with many home buyers and seeing them begin the journey of memory-making in an
Ironwood Home. This month we are listing 12 Things that we are incredibly thankful for.

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12 Things We Are Thankful For
We are so Thankful

1. Working in a community filled with love ❤️ and care for one another is such a blessing. We want to see
communities grow physically. Your hearts help make this a reality.

2. Homeowners who appreciate larger lots to build 👷 on are terrific! We love large lots. Being able to dream
with you about how to make it a home and how to make it special and unique fills our hearts with joy.

3. A strong supply of quality building materials to build from the ground up enables us to live up to the
Ironwood Homes name. We are so blessed 🙏 with everything that is available to us.

4. An expert excavation team proficient in land clearing and basement digging. 🏗 has made all of your
homes possible. They are experts, and we are thankful for them.

5. Concrete teams consistently provide us with a firm foundation from which to build. You hear the
stories about foundations 🧱 cracking or folks finding issues with it. We are thankful that our foundations
are as solid as they come.

6. Framers are modern-day craftsmen providing structure and stability to each home so we can continue
confidently. They are phenomenal, and we are so thankful for them 👏.

7. Trades that provide our homeowners with the essentials of heat 🔥, water, light, and power are part of
what makes an Ironwood Home special. Look at where we are in the world and what we have
available. It is simply amazing. And we know you are thankful for it along with us.

8. Carpenters meticulously put kitchens, bathrooms 🛁, doors, and trim together, providing you with all the
essential parts of your home. Where would we be without them? They help make Ironwood Homes so

9. Painters who turn walls into their masterpiece is a gift 🎁 and blessing from us to you. Just think about it.
Any painted surface gets a lot of attention. Knowing that it is done with excellence is comforting and

10. Flooring experts make the pathway clear, warm and inviting. We love beautiful 🤩 floors. We also know
that you love them. Our floors need to look good, as well as be sturdy and of high quality. We are
thankful that our experts can provide you with that.

11. Sturdy countertops are the setting for every important meal and are a fantastic eye-catching piece. No
one can argue that beautiful countertops add a lot to the quality and stature of a home. We are
thankful that we can provide you with that. Have a party 🎉 on us!

12. Cleaning professionals who understand the value of a well-kept house 🏡 should be at the top of the list.
Cleaning is a part of everyday life. And when it is not done right or well, everyone notices. Thank you so
much to all of our cleaning professionals!

We are so Thankful

There are so many other pieces to the Ironwood puzzle that we could name, but we just wanted to name a
few here to share our thanks. We are so thankful for every one of you. At the end of the day, it is you who
enable us to do what we love ❤️. From everyone here at Ironwood Homes, thank you!