Spring into the Season with Ironwood Homes 

3 Tips for Green Thumb Gardening  

Spring has sprung! Planting vegetables and (or) flowers are a great way to stay healthy, relieve stress, and connect with nature. Gardening on your own can seem like a daunting task but we have a few tips for you so your garden can be amazing. Remember when it comes to gardening don’t overthink it, it will be a fun experience the entire family can have.


  1. 1. Know Your Growing Zone 


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Before you head to the store and start buying seeds and flowers you need to know what type of soil is in your yard. If you don’t know your growing zone and the dates for the last frost you can end up planting too early and risk your plants not growing at all.


2.  Know Your Seeds 

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When you purchase a packet of seeds from the store it will show you if you need to keep the plant inside or outside, how much you need to water, and the sunlight exposure.  Also, pay close attention to the distance each plant has to be potted. 

3. Design of Your Garden 

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You researched what plants work best in the area, you decided on what seeds to get from your local store, now it time to pick the design of your garden. Instead of planting with no plan its best to make a blueprint on where your plants will be planted and how many plants will be there. You need to figure out what is going to a pot or into the ground. Last but certainly not least you want to choose what plants will make your garden look the best. Think about the texture, color, and height. 


Let us know in the comments if you are planning a garden and what you want to plant.