Building a home in Virginia?

A lot of people have been asking us how fast can we move into our Boxwood, Hemlock, or Leland 🏠  quicker? While we appreciate that enthusiasm, there are a handful of things to consider when you are looking to build your Ironwood Home in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, or surrounding areas. While the build time is approximately 4-5 months in our current market, there are some things that you want to do to be prepared to build your home on your land or ours. 

1. Pre-approval

If you want to be ahead of the game on building a home in Virginia, the first thing that you want to do, even before starting the conversation is to get pre-approved with a lender. If you need a reference for how to get a construction loan to purchase some land and build an Ironwood Home, we have you covered. Just shoot us a message 📧 or leave a comment here. This will give you the number that you are approved for and determine your budget for your build.

2. Find the Land

Don’t worry you don’t have to navigate finding land on your own, we have some in-house agents who can assist with the search and keep it within your budget 💰. Once you find the perfect slice of Virginia to put your new build home, you want to get it under contract with a study period!

3. Land Evaluation

After you get the land under contract with a study period, we can help you to navigate the property and make sure it is a suitable spot for the build ⚒️. Taking a look at land contour, utilities, soils, etc. is just a part of what we do to make sure it is the right spot for your Ironwood Home.

4. Contract

Now that we know where you want to build your home, we just need to make selections on the model, which style of house you are going with, and write a contract for the building of your home! For more info on the styles of homes that we build, you can check out our youtube channel! We did a video 🎥 on what options our buyers have to choose with their Ironwood build.

5. Permitting

Now we are all set for the permitting phase. This process has many steps and we handle them all. Turn around time is different depending on the county, but in an average situation, we can expect 3-4 months.

Once we have the permit back we are ready to build your home! 😊 Our typical build time right now given the current supply scenario is an average of approximately 5 months. So while we can build your home relatively fast and have you ready to move in, there are some necessary steps to get to that point.

We hope this information is helpful for your planning purposes! We love hearing from new home buyers early. If you are thinking about building in a year from now, that is a great time to begin to get everything lined up. Let us know what other questions you have, and as always you can text us 📲 for a quick answer at 540-305-3087!