Fall is in the air! We are ecstatic that it is that time of the year. Summer has had its fun, but now

it is time for Fall. If you cannot tell, we love Fall at Ironwood Homes. The cool air, the superb

colors, the endless raking… it’s just the best. And who can forget the fateful pumpkin spice

everything that will permeate every crevice around us?

New Boxwood homeowners, and old ones, for that matter, are going to love how Fall will bring

your home to life. At Ironwood Homes, we are constantly thinking about how we can improve

and make it all better. New Boxwood homeowners will love some of the new home builds and

features that are included with their Ironwood Home. We love them, and we know you will



But what can you do to add to the fall season in your Ironwood home? We’ve put together 3


Ways to Make your Home Stand Out This Fall.


Fall is a great time to pull out those brightly colored wreaths and display them with pride. It is

always so refreshing to see them pop up through the neighborhoods. And don’t forget about

the pumpkins! Your Boxwood Home will look fabulous with a couple of pumpkins on display

and a lovely wreath on the door. Don’t let us limit you, though. We know you got this!


Do Some Gardening

Gardening is therapy for the soul. We highly recommend all of our Ironwood homeowners get

their hands in the soil of their homes. Some beautiful Fall plants will look great in your garden

this Fall. HGTV has a great list of Fall plants that can be found here. We are partial to all of them

as they genuinely look wonderful nestled up against the Boxwood. Pick a lovely weekend and

spend time with your family and work in the yard. Aside from bringing beauty and value to your

home, it will also bless you.


Host a Fall Festival

We want all our Ironwood Homeowners to take great pride in their homes. You do this every

day with the care and love you give it. But why do it alone? Hosting a Fall festival at your home

is a great way to have others enjoy your home also! You can do a pumpkin carving evening and

have friends over and see who can carve the best-looking pumpkin. Or, have a Fall cook-out

(yes, it’s just as awesome in the Fall) and enjoy the cooler air and picturesque surroundings.

Hosting a Fall festival is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy your home. You can make it as big,

or as small, as you like. It’s all in your court.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy and celebrate your Ironwood Home this Fall, we are

here for you, and we want you to have the best home possible. We highly recommend you try

our 3 Ways to Make your Home Stand Out This Fall and whichever other ways you might have.

We know you have some great ideas. Share your top 3 ways in the comments section. We

would love to try them ourselves.