3 Tips for Maintaining a Green Lawn all Spring & Summer.


Hey Ironwood Homes fans! Over the last few months, we haven’t had to worry much about lawn care since grass isn’t growing. But for all of those homes and new homes under construction now, we visualize green lawns that would put photoshop lawns to shame. We all enjoy a lovely spring or summer day playing catch in the yard with our family, so we wanted to give our new home buyers some tips for maintaining green grass all spring and summer ☀️.

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Here are 3 Things to Remember

1. Mowing at The Right Height

2. Feed Your Lawn with Clippings & Fertilizer

3. Water, But Not Too Much

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Here are 3 Things to Remember

At Ironwood Homes, we believe in having a beautiful lawn. But, our lawns need to be taken care of. Most people might think that simply mowing when it looks like the HOA letter is coming or watering it when it’s on death’s door is enough. In reality, this is poor lawn maintenance. There are many tips and tricks one could follow for the perfect lawn. We want to highlight three here that everyone can do.

1. Mowing at The Right Height

Grass height might be one of the first things most homeowners overlook when mowing. Generally speaking, grass height is determined by aesthetics, not the health of the grass. However, mowing your lawn too short will damage and stress it, thereby not giving you the desired look. The Spruce notes that the ideal height of your grass needs to be between 3 – 3-1/2 inches tall. Mark Utendorf of Emerald Lawn Care advises homeowners 🏡 to take off one-third of the lawn height per mow. Following this simple step will cause your lawn to shine!

2. Feed Your Lawn with Clippings & Fertilizer

The easiest way to feed your lawn is to not pick up your clippings after mowing. Lawn Doctor notes that clippings are suitable for your grass because it turns into natural fertilizer. This works best if your lawn is not too tall when mowing. If your clippings are very long, then you run the risk of it smothering and hurting your lawn. In addition, you can add fertilizer to your lawn. Look for slow-releasing fertilizers if possible. Check out this list by House Grail of the best lawn fertilizers of 2022.

3. Water, But Not Too Much

Scotts have some great tips on how to water your lawn. It is generally advised that lawns get about 1 – 1.5 inches of water per week. You don’t want to over-water your lawn as this will not have the desired effect. Watering one day per week is enough and an excellent way to make sure you are not over-watering your lawn. Also, keep in mind that different types of grass will tolerate heat 🔥 differently. Do some research on your type of grass and factor that into how much you water it. This Old House has some tips on knowing how long to water your lawn. Every lawn is different and unique. Be open-minded to learn more about yours and watch as lawn care becomes a joy.

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