Just How Often Should I Change My Air Filter ??? 

Maintaining a safe and clean environment in your home is more important now than ever.    During the spring months people may experience noise bleeds, runny noise, watery eyes, and cough. All this can be avoided by simply knowing when and how to change  your air filter. We have teamed up with Kingdom Air over the years to help supply us with great quality HVAC systems. We interviewed our friends over at Kingdom Air to help give you all tips on how often should you change your air filter.

We are thankful for Kingdom Air’s help over the years and their great advice for this season. If you have any HVAC need, you can reach them at (540) 368-2775 ka

What the recommended frequency is to change/ check the air filter? 

Standard 1″ filters should be changed/checked every 30 days.  Media 4-7″ deep filters last between 6 – 12 months.

What are some common symptoms that occur from not changing the air filter?  

Not cooling/heating enough, increased utility bills, potential freezing or water condensation around indoor unit eventually the symptoms could damage the system and void warranty due to homeowner neglecting routine maintenance

How often would you say that you have a service call and cause is a dirty air filter? 

We try not to schedule a service call without confirming that filter has been checked, but if we didn’t it could be up to 25% of our calls


Are there any other good practices that new homeowners could be aware of to take good care of their system? 

We recommend changing filters regularly and a Maintenance contract for their HVAC systems performed twice a year to provide optimum performance and prevent voiding warranties.