If you have not noticed it, Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a fantastic place! Part of what makes living in Fredericksburg so amazing is the uniqueness it offers its residents. At Ironwood Homes, we feel thankful to build new homes for people moving to or already living in Spotsylvania Co. and the surrounding areas. Since it was February, we thought we would highlight five reasons we LOVE Fredericksburg. 

1. Rich History 

Visitor Center Cropped Horse and Carriage

You don’t have to walk or drive far to see that Fredericksburg is steeped in deep and rich history. There are three beautiful museums to visit: The James Monroe Museum, The Fredericksburg Area Museum, and The Washington Heritage Museum. And don’t forget to visit Kenmore. Kenmore is the home of George Washington’s (Yes, that George Washington) sister Betty. On top of that, riddled throughout Fredericksburg and surrounding areas are smaller parks and monuments portraying how Fredericksburg was crucial in the Civil War. You could spend days upon days learning about it all. 

2. The Food 

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Living in Fredericksburg boasts time for enjoying a fantastic food 🍔🍕 scene! You can see a lot of smaller and unique establishments when you visit Downtown, or you can enjoy the more modern options in Central Park and the rest of Fredericksburg. No matter what you are in the mood for, you can find it in Fredericksburg. Do you want to have a fun family dining experience, no problem? Want a romantic dinner for two? We got you covered. A fun night out with your friends? Say no more. Fredericksburg has it all. 

3. Craft Breweries 


Craft Breweries are not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, it speaks to the type of life present in Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg is full of entrepreneurs. Having several craft breweries 🍺 in the area is proof of that. In Fredericksburg alone, there are three: Red Dragon Brewery, Spencer Devon Brewing, and Strangeways Brewing. On top of this, there are many beautiful wineries to visit all around Fredericksburg for those so inclined. 

4. The Parks 

800px Sunken Road Restored 2004 Section in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park

There is no shortage of fun parks to take the family to for a fun afternoon. You have Old Mill Park, Hurkamp Park, Kenmore Park, Alum Springs Park, Snowden Park Playground, etc. Each park offers a unique experience that is ideal for every family. Now that Spring is right around the corner, it will be a great idea to plan a fun day at the park 🌳!  

5. Living in Fredericksburg = The Perfect Place to Settle Down 

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Each one of these points might not be enough on its own to show that Fredericksburg is fantastic. But, when you take all of them together, you begin to see why we love ❤️ Fredericksburg. Not to mention that Fredericksburg is nestled right between the States capital.

Ironwood Homes is committed to providing residents of Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas with homes that they love. Through quality workmanship and attention to detail we want to build houses that you can easily call home. If you are thinking about building, give us a call.