Some of Our Favorite Summer Activities in Fredericksburg and Surrounding Areas.

Breaking news Ironwood Homes fans! Breaking news! Get ready to enjoy your Ironwood Home outdoor spaces, decks, and patios because summer is here. The cold is finally on its way out, making way for so much outdoor fun. You can have fun at home or in and around Fredericksburg. 

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Special Instructions on Having Fun in the Summer

1. Parks! Parks! More Parks! 🌳

2. Summertime is Water Time 🌊

3. Did Someone Say Camping? 🏕

It’s Time To Have Fun This Summer! 😎

Special Instructions on Having Fun in the Summer

It is important to remember that the amount of fun we can have is directly related to our attitudes. Sure, some things cost money and resources. But, many other fun ideas only require a good attitude and an eager heart. Decide now to have the best summer you’ve ever had, regardless of the circumstances. We can choose to see the sunshine even though things might not be ideal. Choose happiness with us, Ironwood Homes Family!

  1. Parks! Parks! More Parks!

Fredericksburg has a lot of really nice parks that are beautiful spots to visit in the summer. There are so many that you could easily fill your whole summer visiting a new park every weekend. Visit this site if you don’t believe us. Many of the parks listed have places where you can swim and even have a fun family cookout. Pack the football, soccer ball, and cornhole boards, and get ready for a good time! 

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     2. Summertime is Water Time

Speaking of water… it’s summer! Every kid knows that summertime equals water time. Our Ironwood Homes family REALLY loves the water. Whether for fun or exercise, everyone can have a good time swimming. Many of the parks in and around Fredericksburg have water access. There are also a couple of safe areas along the Rappahannock River that many families visit. This fun waterpark is just up the road if the river is not your scene.

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   3. Did Someone Say Camping?

Many families have long-lasting memories of camping trips. Going camping is the ultimate family fun experience. There are several excellent camping sites in the Fredericksburg region that we know you will love. Whether you are a camping wizard or have never gone, you have options! Plan out a fun camping trip weekend with your family this Summer. If the heat is a concern for you, just choose a campsite with an electric hookup and pack that trusty old box fan. 😉 Most importantly, camping is an inexpensive way to have a fun trip away from home with your family. What’s not to love?


It’s Time To Have Fun This Summer!

These are just three avenues to explore this summer. We’ve not even touched on the fantastic food scene in and around Fredericksburg. Oh, the food! Not to mention an enjoyable place called Fun Land. And who can forget the movie theatres? No doubt you have some special summer activities that your family loves that we’ve not mentioned. Share your favorite summertime activities with us! We’d love to hear them. Most importantly, family fun begins at home. At the end of the day, our families are what make summer, or any part of the year, memorable.

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