Can we talk about the Leland for a second?


The first two Leland houses that we build were in Bowling Green, VA. The quaint town of Bowling Green has such a close knit community where everyone knows everyone and you can get your cup of coffee at The Mix House on Main Street. You know that sort of thing ;).

We designed the Leland to allow for similar square footage and features as the boxwood but on a more slender lot. The result where these two babies standing side by side on Maury Avenue.


We finished building these houses and within a couple of weeks, I had friends letting me know that they were looking great when they jogged by on their morning runs! (News travels fast in the town of Bowling Green.)

In the end the open floor plan, barn door on the walk in pantry, and master suite with private deck off the back were contributing elements to this model’s success, but they were purchased by two friends who wanted to live side by side.

I have not doubts that in no time at all, they will know everyone in town, be having coffee at The Mix House on Main Street and going for morning jogs down Maury Avenue!


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