We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls recently. I think what happens is that someone is interested in purchasing a house and then decides, “I’ll head over to google and find out who’s in the area.” Then I think people are calling each of the builders in the area and asking all of the same questions. We often get this one: “What is included in the Boxwood, Leland, or Hemlock models?” 

People always seem to be surprised by the answer! While other builders may be charging extra for these things, we are of the mindset that they should be included. Here is a shortlist of some important ones: 

1. Granite Counter Tops

This is a must-have in each home. We think it should be the standard. When so many people choose to upgrade this in the future, this makes it to the top of our list for the must-haves.

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2. Hardwood floors

This is an important one because of functionality and durability 

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3. Tile in the Bathrooms

This sounds obvious, but you know that look that you see on Pinterest when you are looking at bathroom ideas? We think you should get excited like that when you step in one of ours. 

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4. Light Fixtures

You know those flush mount round globe lights that have a little knob in the middle. They come in two-packs at Lowes for dirt cheap. We don’t think they belong anywhere, let alone Ironwood Homes. We hand select each fixture based on the style of the house you choose. 

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The list goes on and on, but we wanted to take the time to highlight a few. You deserve the best. We want you to move in and be happy right away. Moving in with a list of things to renovate in the future doesn’t make sense to us. 

If you have questions about the styles of homes we offer or anything else, you know what to do! Or maybe you don’t ☹️. In that case, you can text us at 540-305-3087. 

Love, Ironwood Homes